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MARKSMITH® BLACK Ti - DLC Coated Titanium Bolt Action Marker Pen

SoulBuilt MARKSMITH® BLACK Ti is the world's first titanium bolt action retractable marker, now available with DLC black coating in matte or satin finish. It's crafted from the toughest titanium. The bolt action mechanism is fun to fidget with and guarantees that the highlighter will only extend when you want it to.

Custom engraving is available for up to 25 characters.

Meet your new EDC (Every Day Carry) marker. MARKSMITH Ti is a minimalist evolution of the permanent marker.

MARKSMITH was born out of necessity. I was tired of carrying cheap, plastic permanent markers that failed in every day use. Their soft plastic clips allow them to fall off and get lost. Their cheap retractable mechanisms are prone to extend while being carried and unintentionally bleeding and marking anything nearby (many ruined pants pockets).

I carefully crafted MARKSMITH BLACK Ti from premium titanium to be the toughest permanent marker you have ever used. The bolt action mechanism makes it enjoyable to use the marker with one hand. The sliding, integral pocket clip prevents the marker from inadvertently extending while clipped to your pocket.

Marksmith Advantages  

> All metal construction
> 100% Titanium
> Retractable
> One-handed operation
> Super Secure Clip
> Won't accidentally extend while clipped
> Balanced weight
> Feels good. Not too heavy, not too light.


Ink Refill Cartridges

MARKSMITH Ti Fine is compatible with Sharpie brand retractable FINE POINT permanent marker and chisel tip highlighter cartridges. There are many colors of permanent marker cartridges available to choose from. There are also many colors of highlighter cartridges available.

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