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Beta - 7.6” Gyuto Chef Knife S35VN Stainless Steel

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“Beta” 8in (203mm) k-tip gyuto chef knife. S35VN premium stainless blade with a @groovysdesigns tight swirl handle with a wavy texture for extra grip. ⠀

The blade is made from CPM S35VN hardened to 60 HRC, with a stonewashed finish. S35VN is arguably the best stainless steel available for chef knife blades, combining high hardness, toughness, and ease of sharpening. S35VN blades should be sharpened with a water stone, synthetic stone, or diamond. Do not use a honing steel on this blade. The edge angle is sharpened to 15 degrees and then stropped to a super sharp finish. The blade is 8” (203 mm) long, 2” (50 mm) tall, 0.1” (2.5 mm) thick at the spine, and about 0.25mm thin behind the cutting edge. Total length of the knife is 13.19” (335 mm). The blade is custom made in USA to my demanding specs by @whiteriverknives , which if you know the name, then I don't need to tell you about the high quality, craftsmanship, and respect that their knives receive.⠀

The gyuto blade is made from S35VN high hardness stainless steel. Our handles are a hybrid style that makes them extremely comfortable to use, no matter your knife grip preference. An ambidextrous recess at the bolster area improves pinch grip comfort and stability. The full handle also provides plenty of space for a standard grip.


  • Blade Style: Gyuto
  • Edge Finish: Slight curve good for chopping and slicing
  • Blade Grind: Double bevel
  • Grind Angle: 15 Degrees
  • Blade Face: Flat, can be used to crush or transport food
  • Handle Style:  Western modified 
  • Tang: Full tang


  • Blade Material:S35VN high hardness (59-60 HRC) stainless steel made in USA 
  • Handle Material: Stabilized wood and resin inlay


  • Blade Cutting Length: 8 inches (203 mm)
  • Overall Length:  inches ( mm)
  • Handle Width:~ 1in
  • Blade Height (Max): 
  • Blade Thickness at spine (Max):0.1in (2.5 mm)