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Custom Order - @chef_buscaglia - 210mm Chef Knife with bullet and boars head theme

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Please review the items and notes to make sure that I've covered everything. If something is missing, you can still pay, I will just update it later in the notes. Thank you! 

This is the first half of the payment for the knife ($200). The second half will be due before shipping ($200). Total due is $400 - Shipping is free.

  • 210mm Gyuto, San Mai with Blue #2 carbon steel core and stainless cladding
  • Custom wa handle with a bullet inside - 6.5 creedmoor - and possibly a boar skull if it fits
  • 6-8 Week Lead Time to make the knife - Unknown factors in the making of the knife could possibly extend this time, but I'll try to stick to this schedule.

Handle Design Ideas -
- 6.5 creedmoor bullet shell with casing over knife tang
- Colors behind the bullet - Red transitioning to black, maybe mix in some bronze flake that matches the bullet tip color.
- Boar skull (3D printed) near the butt of the knife if possible to fit
- Other location for the boar skull could be close to the front where the handle meets the blade. The skull would need a slot through it for the handle tang to fit.
- Maybe a coin instead of a boar skull
- If only the bullet will fit in the knife, then a boar skull, or boar, or pig meat cut design could be engraved on the blade.

Blade -
- 210mm Gyuto, San Mai with Blue #2 carbon steel core and stainless cladding
- If the handle weight is too much for a 210mm blade, then we can change to a 240mm blade

Making Steps -
1 - Make a few handles to give you some choices. The first will be just a bullet with red, black and bronze flake behind it.
2 - Then I can attempt the boar skull, but will have to work on getting that 3D printed first.