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Custom Order - @keitahorimi - 270mm Gyuto Chef Knife with custom handle

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Please review the items and notes to make sure that I've covered everything. If something is missing, you can still pay, I will just update it later. Thank you! 

It will take 6-8 weeks to make the knife from the time of payment.

Blade - 270mm VG10 Gyuto Chef Knife - This will be a Japanese made blade.

- Some text will be engraved on the blade.

Custom handle with the following items - 

  1. watch gears (watch gears and chains can be piled ontop of each other)
  2. broken chains (silver and can be piled up)
  3. black
  4. blue
  5. clear with a black cat inside at the butt of the handle. Black cat will be 3D printed. I'm not sure about how easy it will be to find a suitable 3D model yet. May take some time to research.