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Pay Dirt - 10" Damascus - Gyuto Kinfe - Wavy Handle

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“Pay Dirt” 10in (250mm) k-tip gyuto chef knife 🔪. Gold and black is always in vogue and with “Pay Dirt” you’ll always make the most out of every dish. The sleek and luxurious handle is laden with gold leaf flakes and mineral wealth. Handle has my signature wavy textured surface for enhanced grip, especially useful when your hands are wet 💦 or covered in delicious BBQ grease 🍗 . Includes the sleek walnut saya shown.

The blade is made from VG10 core hardened to 60 HRC. Multiple layers of stainless are forged on both sides of the blade that protect the core and result in the damascus layer pattern. VG10 is a high hardness stainless that doesn’t require the maintenance or care of carbon steel. VG10 blades should be sharpened with a water stone, synthetic stone, or diamond. Do not use a honing steel on this blade. The edge angle is sharpened to 17 degrees and then stropped to a super sharp finish. The blade is 10” (254 mm) long, 2.31” (59 mm) tall, & 0.1” (2.5 mm) thick at the spine. Total length of the knife is 15.19” (386 mm).