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Santoku Rose - 165mm Aogami Carbon Steel Culinary Knife

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"Santoku Rose" 165mm Aogami Carbon Steel Santoku Chef Knife. Functionality, elegance, and simplicity collide to stunning effect in this one-of-a-kind kitchen tool. Trapped inside the sturdy clear wa-style handle on this blade is a dried red rose, resting in the butt of the handle, delicately juxtaposed to the expertly crafted santoku blade whose tang is completely visible as it runs out of the handle and forms the cutting edge of this knife.

This is a modern take on a classic Japanese knife. This 165mm santoku blade is made from Aogami carbon steel, crafted by expert bladesmiths in Japan. The artistic simplicity of design features a single sun-dried rose in the butt of the handle, encased in crystal clear polyurethane resin. The short length makes it super handy in the kitchen for smaller tasks. It's tall height still makes it great for guiding along your knuckles and scooping up food.



  • Blade Style: Santoku
  • Edge Finish: Slight Curve for chopping and slicing
  • Blade Grind: Double bevel
  • Grind Angle: 15 Degrees
  • Blade Face: Flat, can be used to crush or transport food
  • Handle Style:  Western handle style
  • Tang: Full tang


  • Blade Material: Aogami carbon teel
  • Handle Material: Polyresin & Dried Rose


  • Blade Cutting Length: 165 mm
  • Overall Length: 11.25 inches (286 mm)
  • Handle Width: 0.86in
  • Blade Height (Max): 2.16 inches (55 mm)
  • Blade Thickness at spine (Max): 0.1in (2.5 mm)