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Dark Storm - 210mm (8.25in) Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife

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“Dark Storm” 210mm (8.25in) Cosmic Ray Damascus gyuto chef knife. The Dark side of the Force beckons. A slow, black cloud of smoke crawls toward you, and a wall of white-clad soldiers approaches in lockstep. The air thickens; and as the barrage of scorching plasma beams whiz past all around you, you feel the space around your neck tighten... Cooking with the might of the Empire in the palm of your hand. Includes sleek walnut saya shown.

The blade is a modern take on a classic Japanese knife. The gyuto inspired blade is made from VG-10 steel core clad with layers of stainless for durability (and it looks awesome). The folded layers of stainless are what give the blade it's unique appearance and protects the hard inner core of the knife.