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Custom Knife Sharpener for KRVR Chef's Knives

We want to deliver the sharpest chef's knife you've ever held. When you buy a factory produced knife, it arrives "factory sharp". The factory knife needs some extra sharpening to raise it to its full potential. Sharpening it past the "factory sharp" point requires an investment in sharpening stones and skill, or taking it to a professional knife sharpener. We do all this for you and deliver a professionally sharpened knife without the hassle.
Our custom chef's knives are made from ultra hard steel, not soft stainless. A honing steel, meant to straighten the edge of a soft stainless knife, will be useless for our "super steel" knives. With proper care, you won't need to sharpen it for a long time. It will only require light honing on a fine grit stone (water stone, synthetic stone, or diamond stone) to keep the edge razor sharp.

How does KRVR deliver that ultra-sharp edge?

To refine the cutting edges of our chef's knives, we developed a custom knife sharpener that is based on the Wicked Edge knife sharpening system, used by many professional knife sharpeners who care about the quality and longevity of their sharpening.
The Wicked Edge sharpening system is sized to work best on smaller knives, like pocket knives and outdoor knives. It will sharpen a large chef's knife, but like any multipurpose tools, there are some compromises when sharpening large chef's knives. We made some design changes to fit our needs better. The sharpener uses the standard Wicked Edge stones.
  • Longer clamp to hold long and flexible knives
  • Larger distance from base to knife edge
  • Longer rods
  • Adjustable stops for stones
  • Spring or rubber bumper when stones hit the stops
  • Blade positioning guides

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