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MARKSMITH Shipping Update and Final Logo Design

It's been a long road, and thanks for all Kickstarter Backers for sticking with us through it. I would like to announce that all Kickstarter orders are complete!!!!! 

It may take a while for your tracking number to update since there are a few packages waiting for pickup and international packages that are en route to the distribution center. If you haven't received a tracking email, please check your BackerKit for tracking.

There are still incomplete surveys. We can't ship your Marksmith until you fill out your survey, so please make sure to do that if you haven't done so already.

Where To Buy Refills?

Marksmith refills are available on our newly redesigned webstore:

Can I Buy More MARKSMITHS For 2021 Holiday Gifts?

Yes, but we have a limited supply remaining. Once we sell out of these, January will be our next restock. Marksmith is currently in stock on the Soul Built webstore, but we are working to add the custom engraving option directly on the product page since that was a very popular add-on. Right now the custom engraving is a separate item that must be added to the cart. 

You can order now, and if you want a custom engraving, please also add the custom engraving to the cart and enter the engraving details in the "ORDER NOTES" during checkout. 

An update will be sent out in a few days when the custom engraving option is integrated into the product page.

Marksmith Logo

As Kickstarter backers, you own the only non-branded MARKSMITH's in existence. It took us a while to figure out the optimal placement for the logo that wouldn't disturb the clean appearance of the design. Engraving the logos on the slide creates an Easter egg effect where the logo appears and disappears as you use the marker. New MARKSMITHS will have the SOUL BUILT (hammer+wrench=heart) logo and the MARKSMITH script logo engraved on the slide as shown in the videos below.

Our first attempts at engraving the logo used a deep-etch technique. Although this works, it creates a burned outer edge that requires a lot of sanding to clean up. Also, the marking needed to be filled with something like paint or... black permanent marker... for good contrast. Not ideal, and the marker must be disassembled for lasering, which makes the alignment tricky.

Watch this video of our experiment deep etching the logos in titanium:


The engraving method we perfected is an annealing type color change. No material is removed. The laser is run at a low enough power that it doesn't vaporize the titanium. It heats it to the point of changing color to black. Each pass of the laser creates a light color change, but multiple passes increase the darkness of the engraving until it is a deep black. This is similar to the process used to do the custom engravings. The color change goes deep and can not be removed.

Watch this video to see the final method we use to engrave the logos:


What's Next!

I've been waiting impatiently for this moment to be able to launch the next MARKSMITH Kickstarter campaign. This time we've gone ahead and done the production so that we can start shipping them immediately after the campaign is over. Stay tuned to find out more details as we preview it in the coming updates. The Kickstarter will launch in November and I'll let you know when the launch date is set in stone.

Thank you,

Daniel and Team Soul Built

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