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How We Make Your Custom Laser Engraving On Titanium MARKSMITH

If you haven't seen this video yet, this is how we make your custom laser engraving, and it's pretty cool. Although the mark has no perceptible depth, the color change penetrates deep into the titanium, and won't wear off.


Shipping Update

We have been shipping MARKSMITHS tirelessly this month and still have a few hundred orders left to ship (About 12%). What slowed us down from the previous estimate? For the first while shipping, it was large batch groups of backers who had ordered the same items, and between inspecting, refinishing, and assembly, we could ship out about 100 of those a day. We were also mixing in complex orders and custom engravings. The rate of shipping dropped significantly once the large batches were out of the way and we were only doing unique orders. 

There has also been a cartridge shortage through our supplier (probably due to general supply chain shortages), so we had to find some alternate suppliers, and went through a few days where shipping was stopped. We only buy a few thousand at a time to make sure that we are getting the freshest marker cartridges. We now have all the cartridges needed to finish off the crowdfunding orders.

That being said, for anyone still waiting, I'm sorry it hasn't shipped yet, and we are making sure that it will be worth the wait! This coming week is a short work week due to the fall break school holidays, so it will take us about till the 15th to complete the shipments.


International Shipments

Just wanted to remind anyone waiting on International shipments that it can take a while after the label is created for tracking to update because the packaged goto a distribution center first. The international tracking link that you receive may not work, at least not after it leaves the US. Copy and paste your tracking number into the page at the following link, it will show you the correct tracking info.


Thank you,

Daniel and Team Soul Built

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