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How To Refill MARKSMITH Cartridge With Permanent Marker Ink

The MARKSMITH can be refilled in 3 different ways. The easiest and recommended method to refill is to purchase the refill cartridges from us.

Refill Cartridges can be purchased here.

The second method is to purchase a Sharpie brand retractable permanent marker and use the cartridge from that. Watch this video to learn how.

The final refill method allows you to reuse the cartridges several times by refilling them with permanent marker ink. Here's a list of brands and stores from which you can purchase permanent marker ink.

The ink is readily available and sold on Amazon.

To see what other inks are available in your country, please check this list.

If you know a source for permanent marker ink that is not yet on the sheet, please submit it via this form and I will add it.

Watch the following video to learn how to refill your MARKSMITH cartridge using permanent marker ink.

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