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How To Select, Prep and Dry Roses To Be Incased In Cast Resin Knife Handles | SOUL BUILT KRVR Knives


Placing roses inside our chef knife handles is a beautiful effect, but difficult to achieve. First, the roses must be the perfect size, about 1 inch in diameter, which is the smallest of the typically available miniature roses. Slightly larger roses can be used by removing petals until they are the right size. 

After drying, the roses will have shrunk to between 50% to 75% of their original size. 

1. Choose miniature roses that are approximately 1 inch in diameter, or about a thumbs width. If roses that small can't be found, slightly larger may be purchased, and then more petals removed. 

2. Trim the stem of the roses to between 2-3 inches in length

3. Remove any loose or damaged petals. 

4. Place in oven baking tray. 

5. Place in oven and dry at 65C for about 24 hours. A dehydrator may also be used instead of an oven. The roses and stems must be completely dry to before embedding in resin. 

6. Check to make sure roses will fit inside the handle.


1. Mix the resin and soak the rose inside the resin. Try to get all the air out of the roses. Pouring resin inside the petals of an upright rose is also an effective way to fill the rose with resin. 

2. If the roses fit loosely inside the mold and aren't held in place well, you may need to use a clear resin rod to hold it down to prevent it from floating to the top before the resin has cured. 



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