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Maintaining the Brushed Finish on Your MARKSMITH Ti Fine Permanent Marker

We've been shipping MARKSMITHS like crazy.

We put a lot of effort into carefully inspecting each Marksmith, and making sure that the surface finish is perfect before shipping these out. Take a look...


Maintaining The Brushed Finish

Titanium is scratch resistant but it will still get some scratches and scuffs as you use it. We chose the brushed finish because, in addition to looking amazing, it's an easy finish to maintain. The machine shop says that it's a difficult finish to achieve, and they would prefer to bead blast or stonewash because those are faster and less expensive finish options. However, the brushed finish is the only one of those finishes that can be refinished at home without specialized equipment. I made this video to show you how you can easily maintain the brushed finish of your Marksmith...


Thank you,

Daniel and Team Soul Built

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